Projects Page admin August 9, 2021

677 Parsons avenue

Nextgen purchased 677 Parsons Avenue in 2018, it was an adult book store.  It was redeveloped in 2019 and is now a vegan restaurant.

New Poindexter village old Carl brown site on Mt Vernon Ave.

The former site of the first black owned grocery store in Columbus Ohio, Carl L Brown Grocery Store was located at the corner of 1315 Mt. Vernon avenue and S. Champion Avenue.  In 2014 the City of Columbus purchased the site after it at seat closed for many years and deeded it over to Columbus NextGen for redevelopment of the site in 2015.  The site was sold to Coumbus Metropolitan Housing in 2017 to complete the rebuilding of the new Poindexter Housing Development.  Picture above is the former Carl L Brown Grocery Store and the New Poindexter Village Development that took its place.

The Adelphia

This former Funeral home site and 1st ever black owned bank in Columbus Ohio (1932) called The Adelphia Savings and Loan on Columbus near Eastside on E Long Street, sat abandon and boarded up until the site was purchased by Columbus Nexgen in 2016 and redeveloped into apartments and commercial space by the Borror Corporation.  The buildings opened in 2021.

Mulby Place

Next gen purchased over 2 acres of land since 2017 in the linden neighborhood along cleveland ave between myrtle and briarwood avenues.  Demolished several board up properties on the site to clear the land for a 100 unit affordable senior mix use of apartments and commercial space.  Nextgen chose Homeport to complete the project.

Free Fresh Produce Market

Nextgen purchased former drive thru in 2017 partner with community for all people they purchased building and developed it into a free fresh produce market that serves more than  4000 residents thru out franklin county a month.

Linden Fresh Market

Nextgen started acquiring  properties along cleveland avenue and  Linden ave. In 2017 until 2021.  The 3 acre site will be called Mulby place after the mulby Brothers that owned the site as a brick yard in the eRly 1900s will be re developed into a mix use buildings with senior housing and sum commercial space, ground breaking taking place Dec 2021. Click here for article.